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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of the majors in the field of Engineering that studies the intricacies of electricity and its applications in everyday life. In general, this department studies the application and utilization of electricity in everyday life, as well as related technologies. The scope is wide, ranging from sources of power generation, distribution network systems, to utilization by end users.

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Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of the Electrical Engineering study program

Power System

The power system studies all aspects of electricity (strong current), energy conversion, safety and system reliability from power generation, transmission to distribution of electricity.

Control System

The control system studies all aspects of electricity in the field of system control including industrial control systems, automation, instrumentation to signal processing of the regulatory process.


Electronics studies all aspects of electricity (weak current) that utilizes nonlinear and active electrical components (such as semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits) to design electronic ci..


Telecommunications studies all aspects of how to communicate over long distances, from signals, data transmission, telecommunications networks, radio, to radar technology.

Computer System

Computer Engineering is a specialized discipline that combines Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This technique studies the design, construction of computers and computer-based systems such as object-based software engin..

Area of interest

focus of knowledge aimed at students of the Electrical Engineering study program


Electrical Engineering ITK is a good partner in the success of the learning program in our department. Electrical Engineering ITK is also one of the inspirations and favorite majors for our students in the Electrical Installation Engineering department to explore knowledge and develop innovation at the next level.

Head of Expertise Competence Electrical Power Installation Engineering at SMKN 6 Balikpapan

Electrical Engineering ITK answer the challenges and needs of the business and industrial world, especially for the Kalimantan area. I believe that with graduates who have proven competent and superior, Electrical Engineering ITK will be able to play a major role in accelerating national development, especially in the field of technology.

Director of PT. Ruang Cipta Teknologi

I feel a very warm kinship with Electrical Engineering students and I believe this will be very "Powerful" for the development of ITK in the future.

4G Founder

Electro ITK, the right place for you millennials who are thirsty for innovation, for you nerds who like to collect achievements, for you activists who like to organize, for those of you who want to build a business or work in a dream place without hallucinations. Invite your future here.


Electrical Engineering ITK applies concepts and analytical techniques in the process of solving problems systematically and making decisions based on algorithms quickly and precisely


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