Scientific Publication

Results from research activities in developing innovative and quality research products.

Research title Year Source of funds
Design and Build a Non-Invasive Technique Blood Sugar Measuring Device Using Near Infrared Sensor Based on Cloud System 2021 ITK Internal Grant
Design and Build DC-DC Converter as Energy Storage Media 2020 ITK Internal Grant
Development of Mobile Learning Using Role Play on Android as a Learning Method 2019 ITK Internal Grant
Design and Construction of Incinerator Type Waste Power Generation System with Optimal PID Controller 2021 ITK Internal Grant
Design of Charging System on Prototype Solar Car 2020 ITK Internal Grant
Time Scheduling-Based Solar Panel Design 2019 Kemdikbud Grant
Smart Meter for Monitoring Three-Phase Systems Using IEEE 802.15.4 Communications 2018 Kemdikbud Grant
Designing a Cheap Bionic Arm by Applying Open Source Technology 2019 Kemdikbud Grant
Diffuse Optical Imaging for Optical Property Reconstruction in Tomato Fruit 2020 ITK Internal Grant
Self Balancing on Two Wheel Robot Using Inverted Pendulum 2019 Kemdikbud Grant
Voltage Control in Mahakam Electric Power System Due to Solar Panel Injection 2021 ITK Internal Grant
Analysis of the Use of Protection Relays as Equipment Protection and Determination of PPE in Distribution Networks Due to Short Circuit Interference 2019 ITK Internal Grant
Design and Build a Vending Machine with Automatic Payment Verification Based on the Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code (QRIS) as an Innovation in the Smart Economy 2021 ITK Internal Grant
Humanoid Robot for Indonesian Dance Robot Contest 2019 ITK Internal Grant
Objective Evaluation of Performance of Openbts Blade RF XA-40 with PESQ Method (Perceptual Evaluation Of Speech Quality) 2021 ITK Internal Grant
Design and Design of OpenBTS as Learning Media for GSM Technology at the Kalimantan Institute of Technology 2020 Kemdikbud Grant
Microstrip Antenna Design Using Artificial Dielectric Materials At 2.4 Ghz . Frequency 2019 ITK Internal Grant
Electrocardiography for Home Monitoring of Heart Health Based on IEEE 802.15.4 Protocol 2019 Kemdikbud Grant
Implementation of Band Pass Filter using Circular Waveguide based on Artificial Dielectric Resonator for Electrical Transfer Propagation Mode 2018 ITK Internal Grant
Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Design For Solar Panel Power Optimization With Optimal Control Using Butterfly Optimization Algorithm Method 2022 Kemdikbud Grant
Analysis of Wind Energy Potential in the City of Balikpapan for the Design of Wind Power Plants (PLTB) 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Implementation of a Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar Sensor System Using Software Defined Radio (SDR) for Structural Health Monitoring 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Smart Energy Management Design in Solar Power Plants 2022 ITK Internal Grant
The Implementation of Smart Monitoring in the Design of the QRIS Vending Machine in the ITK Environment as an Innovation in the Smart Economy Sector 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Design and Build a Solar Panel Based Charging Station in the Garden of the Integrated Laboratory Building, Kalimantan Institute of Technology 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Prototype of Cohen-Coon IOT and PID Tuning Self-Balancing Goods Delivery Robot 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Design and Build Egg Quality Detection System with PID-Fuzzy Control on Conveyor Drive Motors 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Estimating State-Of-Charge in Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Coulomb Calculation Method 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Optimizing Solar Energy Utilization With Dual-Axis Solar Tracker In Off Grid PLTS 2022 ITK Internal Grant
Estimating the Position of Unmanned Surface Vehicle Using Sensor Fusion and Kalman Filter 2022 ITK Internal Grant