Group research

Research activities in the development of innovative and quality research products :

  • Electronics

    Electronics studies all aspects of electricity (weak current) that utilizes nonlinear and active electrical components (such as semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes, and integrated circuits) to design electronic circuits. In addition, studying biomedicine (biomechanics and biomedicine) which studies engineering principles that are applied to biology and medicine for the purpose of health services.

  • Control System

    The control system studies all aspects of electricity in the field of system control including industrial control systems, automation, instrumentation to signal processing of the regulatory process.

  • Power System

    The power system studies all aspects of electricity (strong current), energy conversion, safety and system reliability from power generation, transmission to distribution of electricity.

  • Telecomunication

    Telecommunications studies all aspects of how to communicate over long distances, from signals, data transmission, telecommunications networks, radio, to radar technology.

  • Computer System

    Computer Engineering is a specialized discipline that combines Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This technique studies the design, construction of computers and computer-based systems such as object-based software engineering, operating systems to digital image processing.